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Crystal Ball

Life and personal coaching

Create your future, no need for crystal balls!

To find your Happy in the Now we focus on... Where you're at now. What makes you happy now and what makes you unhappy, stressed, anxious or down? What are you doing now that helps you and is good for you and what are you doing that is bad for your and hinders you? We'll look at your habits: lifestyle, sleep and rest, work, wellbeing and self-care, your relationships. Your beliefs, your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. In short, we want to know what you need to do more of or start doing and what you need to do less of or stop doing.


To build your Vision for the Future we focus on... What it is you really want. Who are you really? What have you achieved to date and what have you hope for or dreamed of that hasn't happened yet? What's truly and deeply important to you and what might you be doing for someone or something else? What are your deepest needs, dreams and desires? Perhaps there are even parts of you that haven't yet found a voice. I can help create the space for your deepest truth to emerge. 

This framework can be applied to any aspect of your life. You just need to decide where to focus your efforts. This usually requires a bit of digging deep and a lot of being honest with yourself but it's well worth the time and effort. And I'm here to help you do it all.


Have you been affected by a career transitions such as job or career change, promotion, job loss, working from home or the effects of the pandemic? 


Here are a few examples of what clients bring to coaching:


  • Your work or job has been affected by the pandemic and you’re still adjusting to the change ​

  • You've lost your job and you’re not sure what happens next

  • You’re returning to work after a period of time off due to sickness or having children*

  • You're considering a change of job or career

  • You're being or have been promoted and are seeking support

All of these factors can be challenging and may require adjustment, even a change of mindset or expectation.


*If you're experiencing job loss it's important to recognise that job loss in any form can be experienced as a loss and that there may be some grief attached.

Creative Working
inner child image.png


Think about how you relate to yourself and to others, and what you might do differently


Relationships are everywhere in our lives, for every person in our lives there is some kind of relationship and relationships require attention and effort. Good, healthy and reliable relationships are essential to a sense of well being and satisfaction in life. Personally, I believe that healthy relationships are the key to a fulfilling life.

However relationships are also work and can be very challenging.  They can be a great source of joy but also of pain. We all have our coping strategies and behaviours that we may not be aware of and that can interfere with the success of our relationships. 

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