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  • I became a coach when I realised it was a meaningful and useful way to spend time with people, and that somehow, in some small way, I could make a small difference in the world.

  • I also realised that I had a valuable mixture of experience, knowledge and tools that I could share with others such as cognitive (the mind) and affective psychology (feelings and emotions), stress and anxiety, depression, emotional intelligence, neuroscience, neurobiology and neuroplasticity, well being, physical, emotional and mental health, yoga, meditation, dance, and an appreciation of nature's healing properties.

  • I've experienced the benefits of coaching myself and believe everyone would benefit from it.

  • I'm really passionate about us all realising our potential both individually and collectively.

  • I'm equally passionate about you reaching your potential. I believe you can do it and I believe I can help you. I want to help you do it.

  • I care about humanity, as a race, as a collective. I believe that for the collective to work we must be functioning well as individuals. I think we're a long way off achieving that and would like to contribute my own smaller part to getting there.

  • I want to be useful and I want to have a fulfilling and meaningful life. Coaching gives me a sense of purpose, and I need that. 


  • I've experienced struggles in my life that I have overcome, and I have become more resilient, understanding and compassionate both towards myself and towards others as a result. I have overcome periods of depression, anxiety, struggles with self-worth and self-esteem, with family issues, relationship issues, and crises of overthinking, all because I wasn't really in touch with My Self, My values, My needs.

  • I've personally struggled with anxiety since I was in my teens and have also had bouts of depression and I understand how hurtful it is to desperately want to feel seen, heard and accepted and instead to be met with judgement and what seems like a lack of concern.

  • I know that a crucial part of being able to move on is being seen and accepted by others, no matter what. I've worked hard to overcome these challenges as best I can through a mixture of coaching and therapy and a lot of work on myself.  If in turn I can help others in any way, I feel it's my privilege to do so.

  • There are times when having a professional guide helps me to emerge from or avoid falling into darkness, confusion, overwhelm, anxiety and depression. I will always have periods of struggle and I will always have to get myself through it. Luckily I've built up an extensive tool box over the years to help me do exactly that.

  • I have learned that I need to consciously connect to my Self, my environment and the people around me every day.

  • I have a morning routine in which I connect to my thinking self, my emotional self as well as my physical self. This is an essential part of my day and is how I can ensure that I get the most out of the day ahead.

  • I think Descartes was missing something when he said "I think therefore I am", in reality something more like "I think, feel and intuit, therefore I am" is more accurate. If our thinking mind is not connected to our hearts and our intuition, we are not in touch with ourselves, our values or our needs.​

  • I have enough life experience and have done enough work on myself to have developed a lot of empathy for the human condition. Whatever my clients bring and whether I share the same experience or not, I seek to listen with my heart and to understand, without judgement.

  • When I look at someone I see the whole person. I see thoughts and beliefs, feelings and emotions as well as behaviours. I see joy and I see sorrow.

  • I have numerous interests that converge in coaching: cognitive (mind), affective (emotions) and positive psychology; psychoeducation and self-help; emotional intelligence; managing stress, anxiety and depression; yoga and meditation; dance, movement and music; and spirituality.

  • I care about my family, my friends, my neighbours, my community, my fellow man and woman.

  • I care about myself, in fact I often put myself first; something we're not encouraged to do in a nation conditioned to put the needs of others first.

  • I care about you, even though I haven’t met you yet. I care about your wellbeing and your sense of self; as well as your needs, hopes and dreams being fulfilled.


Caveat (typed with love): To overcome life's challenges and reach our dreams we must be 100% invested in the time and effort it takes to get there, and whilst there are people, like me, who can guide you, no one else can do the heavy lifting of internal work for you!

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